1. So far, Bush’s dishonest Iraq war has killed 1 million people.

2. His entourage incited an Iraqi Shia-Sunni rift, which ended their peaceful religious coexistence in the Middle East. The consequence of this are religious and civil wars.

3. By destroying the Iraqi system, Bush and his following also destroyed the military balance in the region. They created the chaos that the Arab world is currently torn apart by.

4. With his bomb wars, Bush invented the “most successful” terror breeding program of all times. Before his “wars on terror”, there existed less than 1000 international terrorists. Now, there are more than 100,000.

5. His most spectacular terror-breeding success is ISIS. The group was founded directly after the US invasion of Iraq by the Jordanian Al  Zarkawi, a predecessor of the current “Caliph” Al Baghdadi. Though, back then it had another name. ISIS is the response to Bush’s war. Unfortunately, it is a wrong, criminal, pervert response, because the killing of civilians can never be justified. However, those who open the door to hell mustn’t be surprised at the evil they encounter.

6. Bush has plunged Iraq into unimaginable misery, and the tragedy is ongoing. Soon, they are going to once again attack “my“ Ramadi, where I had spent one week with the moderate Iraqi resistance in 2007. Back then, the group had been desperately fighting against the American occupation.

Meanwhile, many of my friends from Ramadi have died. They were murdered by Americans, by the anti-Islamic killer gang, called ISIS, and by criminal militia. Helicopters were flown over the gardens of our hosts before. Now, the helicopters, aircraft and drones are preparing yet another attack on Ramadi to destroy the last houses that haven’t been destroyed so far.

This time, Ramadi is to be freed from ISIS, which – in turn – just “freed” the city from the Shia government. But Ramadi doesn’t want to be freed no more – neither by ISIS, nor through the help of the Americans, nor by Iraqi militia. Ramadi wants to live in peace. Its inhabitants can’t take this situation any longer.

Those seeking to comprehend the extent of this catastrophe need to read my book “Inside ISIS”. You can only be victorious against your enemies when you know them. Our ignorance is nothing short of being perilous. How desperate must people be if they prefer a gruesome group of killers like ISIS over their own government?

This entire chaos has been brought about by George W. Bush and his entourage. Don’t wait any longer – bring those mass murderers to court! There live many villains in this world, but George W. Bush is the worst.

Yours, JT

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