Our Wars Are Breeding Ground For Terrorism

Dear friends,
On Friday, German chancellor Merkel urged “Islamic clergy” to draw a clear line between Islam and violence. But wouldn’t the West need to first look at its own relation to violence? Our wars, not Islam, are the problem. They are a breeding ground for terrorism, not Islam.

Terrorism is the barbaric RESPONSE of extremist Muslims to our barbaric crusade for oil. Without our wars, today’s terrorism wouldn’t even exist. The organization preceding ISIS, for instance, was founded as a direct consequence of George W. Bush’s 2003 Iraq invasion. The ISIS, whose brutality is unparalleled, is Bush’s baby.

No Arabic country has attacked the West in the last 200 years. The West, however, has invaded the Muslim world countless times, killing thousands of people. Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,500 people in the West. Bush junior, however, killed more than 500,000 Iraqi in the Iraq War alone. Over centuries, the West has been much more brutal than the Muslim world. Hence, the West, and not Islam, has to clear up its relation to violence. As long as they don’t understand that, there will always be terrorism. Yours, JT

PS: The picture shows one of the youngest ISIS fighters I came across in the “Islamic State”.