Pictures from the “Islamic State”

Below, you see pictures from the Islamic State that won’t leave my mind. They were taken by Frederic, my son.

Despite criticism of my journey, I am going to publish more footage and articles about ISIS within the coming weeks. One should know one’s enemies in order to defeat them. Information from drones can’t compete with information collected on-site. Yours, JT

JT, interviewing an Egyptian ISIS fighter.

JT on the market in Mosul, talking to civilians.

JT meeting members of ISIS’ special police unit.

One of the youngest ISIS fighters that JT met on his journey into the “Islamic State”.

‘Normal’ life in Mosul.

ISIS even has its own license plates.

JT, interviewing a Kurdish prisoner of ISIS. The latter are said to be ready for a prisoner exchange.

JT in front of the Mosque of Mosul, in which Abu Bakr al Baghdadi had held his speech.

Pictures: © Frederic Todenhöfer